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Alpine Star Marijuana Strain

Alpine Star Marijuana Strain takes its roots from the incomparable Sensi Star. Using it as a genetic base, the original breeder paired it with another powerhouse, Tahoe OG Kush.

Like Sensi Star, Alpine Star is mostly Indica and boasts of the same incredible full-body high. The addition of Tahoe OG Kush enhanced its flavors with the addition of lemony fragrance. Better than both parent strains, it comes with up to 2% CBD.

Primarily thought of as a medical strain, it has also found a footing among recreational users on the strength of its insanely high THC.

Alpine Star Marijuana Strain Effects

Alpine Star is an incredibly potent hybrid that not a lot of people can handle. However, that is not to say that beginners cannot use it. It all comes down to knowing how much of it one uses. Nonetheless, the worst that can happen to anyone who overindulges is getting knocked out by its devastating effects.

During its onset, it begins with a gentle and clear-headed high. It is not uncommon for people at this point to feel creative because of the ideas that pop into the mind. Soon, though, a tingling sensation begins to ebb all over the body. It can only mean one thing; the best is yet to come.

From an uplifting sensation, the soothing buzz soon intensifies and puts users into deep relaxation. As the numbing effects spread to the extremities, there is nothing one can do but to sit back and swim in a tide of bliss.


Alpine Star has the smell of wet soil with a citrusy and lemony note. On closer inspection, it has a hint of pine that has an herbal quality to it.


Its dank smell carries a little bit to the taste along with a hint of lemon. Not that it can compare to some incredibly flavorful weeds like Blueberry, but it is also not that bad.

Adverse Reaction

Alpine Star, as alluded to, is not easy to handle. Not only is it extremely potent, but it can also cause some adverse effects. Expect to experience a bit of a headache with its use. Not to mention, dry mouth and dry eyes are both a fact of life with marijuana.

People who already are going through mental health issues such as having panic attacks should refrain from using this hybrid. That is because it can cause a some to feel anxious or paranoid. Despite the fact that its Sativa hesitate is only a quarter of the plant structure, it is that potent.

Medical Effects of Alpine Star Marijuana Strain

Touted as a medical hybrid, Alpine Star should provide a host of benefits. Considering that it has up to 2% CBD, it is excellent for relieving stress and battling depression.

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