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Super Glue Marijuana Strain


Super Glue Marijuana Strain


Super Glue Marijuana Strain is an indica-leaning hybrid strain that produces a functional and relaxing high to the mind and body. Smelling of pine and a sweet caramel aroma, this strain is bred by Seedism Seeds. Superglue is made by crossing Afghani and Northern Light. Those who enjoy Superglue say it relaxes you while still leaving you functional and energetic enough for social activities or even a productive afternoon.

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Super Glue Marijuana Strain

Super Glue Marijuana Strain is an uplifting, Indica-dominant Hybrid weed strain created by crossing Afghani and Northern Lights. This smooth, strong cannabis is equal parts sweet and earthy, with distinct flavors of pine and lime. Used primarily for focus and relaxation, it can be used for both a mild afternoon high—or for an intensely productive evening. Choose wisely.

Super Glue Marijuana Strain Experience

Super Glue Marijuana Strain is a cross between Indica Afghani and Indica-dominant hybrid Northern Lights, created by Seedism Seeds. Originating in Amsterdam, this hybrid is potent yet consumer-friendly and smooth, with THC levels ranging from 18 to 24%.

This marijuana strain is most commonly used to achieve an uplifting, powerful feeling of relaxation, yet it also works to increase your productivity, focus, and creativity. Because of its strong effects, it is not recommended for novices or first-time consumers. However, in moderation, this flower is perfect for recreational use, allowing the consumer to maintain functionality throughout their day while still enjoying its effects—if not becoming a bit hungry.

Traits of Superglue and Superglue Seeds

The first thing marijuana consumers will notice about this strain is its dense buds, covered in frosty white crystals and bright orange hairs all over. It smells fruity, with piney, woody undertones which come through more strongly in its smoke.

Commonly found on the west coast of the United States, particularly California and Washington State, marijuana growers can obtain mature clippings from developed, healthy plants from which clones can be grown, or grow directly from seeds which will then flower in 9-10 weeks—or less, for particularly diligent marijuana growers.

Medical Benefits of Super Glue Strain

Being a cross between such legendary strains at Afghani and Northern Lights, medical marijuana patients will not be shocked to discover that this strain packs a potent bag of therapeutic qualities.

  • Medical patients use Super Glue Strain to find relief from stress and pain
  • Those with mental health conditions like anxiety, depression or insomnia use this plant for its relaxing and uplifting properties, and to relieve stress and sleeplessness
  • Super Glue Marijuana Strain is perfect for everyday recreational use—it is relaxing yet leaves you energized and clear-headed

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